Hello everybody!

My name is Kevin Green and I will blogging on this site about sports. I am a third-year student at Longwood University. I have covered sports for the student-run radio station WMLU 91.3 FM for a good majority of those three years. I have also written sports articles for the campus news paper called The Rotunda.

This is me, hard at work at the WMLU studio.

Rather than focusing on just sports in general,  I will be covering the NFL offseason. The Great Al Coleman of ESPN 950 in Richmond once told me that there is “always something going on in sports.” I have taken that advice to heart and I hope to translate it into an interesting and informative blog. The offseason will not be as dead as it always appears! So stay tuned as I will post more on the exciting coaching changes, free agency signings, and pre-draft hype.

Thanks for reading!