The NFL offseason is home to a lot of sideline drama. Part of that drama is what is often called the “coaching carousel.” In short, this is the process by which coaches are hired, fired, and sometimes even hang up the headset. Already a whopping seven coaches have found homes with new teams.

The most curious of these hires were by the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Kansas City Chiefs. Jacksonville went with former bills head coach and seasoned coordinator Mike Mularkey. Mularkey’s tenure with the Bills was less than stellar. He was 14-18 in two seasons and was then promptely fired. Mularkey is more of a coordinator than a head coach. He can put together a good to great offensive attack, but his weakness appears to be managiong a big picture.

This is a must for a head coach. Mularkey led promenint attacks in Buffalo and before that Pittsburgh. He should have just stayed as an offensive coordinator. The same can be said for Romeo Crennel who was just hired as the Chiefs successor to Todd Haley. Crennel was head coach of the Browns for fours season.

Crennel will need to step his game up in KC.

His work under Bill Belichick as a defensive coordinator was great. His work as a head coach leaves a lot to be desired. It remains to be seen whether or not these men can deliver as head coaches. The problem for both is that neither is inheriting a great roster. There are good players on both, but these are hardly teams that scare anyone.

Last week, it was reported that Chuck Pagano would take over for Jim Caldwell as the Colts head coach. Pagano is the latest young coach to be hired. It is interesting to see his staff form as the days count down to Super Bowl XLVI. Pagano made his first move hiring recently retired Steelers OC Bruce Arians.

Arians was the much maligned coordinator of the Steelers offense for five years before he was let go by the Rooneys. This was without consulting their $100 million franchise quarterback first. Roethlisberger was in love with Arians and went on record saying how upset he was. But it should be interesting to see how Arians works with Pagano.

Arians ran an offense that was good between the 20s, but pretty mediocre in the red zone. The Steelers were a bland 17th in red zone efficiency. Among the complaints about Arians’ system was the lack of a true fullback (Arians doesn’t believe in the position), bad calls on third down, and slow-developing red zone plays.

Back from retirement so soon?

The Colts also nearly snagged the Steelers linebacker coach Kieth Butler. Back in 2009, Butler was all but garuanteed the defensive coordinator once Dick LeBeau decides to retire. It does not look like LeBeau is leaving anytime soon either. Given his track record as defensive genius, he has earned the right ot decide for himself.

As for the vacancy at the Steelers offensive coordinator, it appears that the Steelers are targeting former Chiefs headman Todd Haley. Haley was the offensive coordinator with the Cardinals when they went to Super Bowl XLIII. If nothing else, Haley has shown a great ability to work with what he gets.

That being said, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that it is unlikely that Haley will get hired. This might have something to do with the fact that Haley constantly fueds with players and coaches. Pittsburgh is a franchise that prides itself on integrity and doing things right. The last thing they need is ah hot-head coach arguing with Ben Roethlisberger on what play to call.

Other coaching hires in the last month include former Titans headman Jeff Fisher going to the Rams. Fisher had a good amount of success with the Titans and had them within one yardof forcing overtime the Super Bowl. It is extremely ironic that Fisher will be the next head coach at St. Louis. He has some  pieces in place that could help right away. Sam Bradford is young quarterback who has showed some promise early in his career.

Can Bradford rebound and avoid being a bust?

However Bradford did have the unfortunate sophomore slump that claims many young quarterbacks. That should not be an issue because it takes a few years for a quarterbacks true colors to form. For all we know, Bradford could still be an all-pro in the making. But St. Louis is going to have to work fast to surround him with weapons. As Bleacher Report wrote yesterday, the Rams have options.

Fisher and whoever their new general manager is really have a few questions to answer. As Bleacher Report so rightly pointed out, the Colts likely will not surrender that number one pick. ESPN came out with an article back when the playoffs start where Colts owner Jim Irsay came out and pretty much said the Colts will be drafting Luck.

With that in mind, what is the best option for the Rams? Given the amount of money they have invested in Bradford, the smart move would be to draft a wide receiver. Just looking at the kinds of receivers in this years draft, that would be a great move. Their leading candidate, and most likely selection, is Justin Blackmon. Black is the explosive wideout out of Oklahoma State. He is difficult to cover and makes big plays in the clutch.

Blackmon will be a playmaker for years to come.

Time will with the Rams and other newly-hired coaches. Once the super Bowl is over, the offseason and free agency will kick into over-drive. With no lockout this time, there will real offseason news to discuss. That will be a big relief in its own right.