The NFL made a unique decision back on the day (find out when) when it decided to use Roman numerals to mark its biggest game. It had provided some unique logos through the years on top of memorable games. Back in February of 2010, the NFL announced it would have a standardized logo for the Super Bowl:

And this is what they came up with?

The groans from millions of NFL fans could be heard from Pluto. It is not as if having a (somewhat) standardized logo is a bad thing. Major league baseball and the the NBA get away with this one pretty well. Sure they change a few things every now an then, but the format of the logos mostly stay the same.

Another sport (or sports) that do not have a standardized logo system is the Olympics. Each time the event is held, the host city comes up with a new logo to fit the identity of the city. Of course the Olympics are held every four years so it is not entirely a fair comparison. All the same, it gives each event a distinct identity.

There was always something so magical about the NFL changing Super Bowl logos from year to year. Much like the Olympics, it gave each Super Bowl a unique identity. Now the question is, “which monochromatic one was that, again?” And just on the the basis of sports aesthetics, that is not a good thing.

The Super Bowl has bigger issues than a boring logo. When the Super Bowl celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2016, it has logistical as well aesthetic questions to answer. First and foremost, who wants to see a logo like this for the Super Bowl’s 50th game:

It is an awkward situation and the NFL has already expressed how awkward the Roman numeral is. Others are saying that the NFL should abandon the numerals altogether. While I personally believe that the numerals should stay, the NFL should worry more about where the game is being played first.

Potential Locations

The Super Bowl has had various locations over the years with some producing worse results than others. The most promeninet location for Super Bowl L right off the bat would be either Miami or New Orleans. After next season, both cities will have hosted 10 Super Bowls each.

However, the NFL should look to return home for the 50th anniversary of Super Sunday. I am talking about where it all began: The LA Coliseum

The stadium is old,  yes, but it is capable and would provide a break from the massive dome-type stadiums the NFL is currently leaning on. Plus it would bring back the old tradition of Super Bowls starting during the late afternoon and transitioning into nighttime when the fourth quarter rolls around.

In addition it has been almost nine years since a Super Bowl was played on the west coast in an outdoor setting. Super Bowl XLII does not count because the roof was closed on the University of Phoenix Stadium. Having the game at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum would bring things full circle so to speak after 50 years. In addition, if the NFL decides to buck the trend with their standard logos, they could start fresh after Super Bowl 50.

If that location does not fancy the NFL’s interest, then the stadium being planned by the San Francisco 49ers would be a perfect fit. According to Pro Football Talk, the plan is to have the stadium open in 2014. That may have something to do with the NFL giving the organization $200 million in the stadium fund.

The specs on the new stadium are pretty staggering too. If the NFL chooses this stadium, they will have chosen well. At least they wouldn’t have to deal with power outages.

Other stadiums that may be in the running for Super Bowl L are:

  • New Cowboys Stadium:

Jerry Jones is going to politic like the world is ending to get another crack at the Super Bowl. The job Dallas did hosting Super Bowl XLV can most aptly be called “dissapointing.” And it is not even over for Jones, he still has to deal with several thousand angry fans’ lawsuits. There is a whole section of fans who either could not

And who can honestly blame them for being angry? It is the biggest sporting event in American sports and the city of Dallas fumbled their turn at hosting it. Fluke weather or not, the NFL is most likely not going to award the city this time around.

  • Lucas Oil Stadium

Indianapolis is getting rave reviews for its job hosting Super XLVI. The difference between this and Super Bowl XLV can be likened night and day. Everything worked to perfection: the game was competitive, the city was gracious, and the Manning drama did little to deter the hype.

However, the I cannot see the NFL giving Indy Super Bowl L. It would be merely four years after they had just hosted it. For the NFL, that may be too close.

  • Wembly Stadium

There are rumors circling the world wide web that London is in the talks as a potential host site for Super Sunday. Of course, according that CBS News article, that is Jim Irsay who says it is possible. He has not exactly the most reliable source lately. Even still, I do not even know where begin with just what is wrong with this notion. First of all, the NFL is an American sport. The one game the NFL holds in Wembly during the regular season should be enough.

It is a cutesy little gimmick to give the folks oversees a chance to see American football. It is all part of Roger Goodell’s plan to expand the NFL to the overseas market. The god commissioner has already expressed interest in having an overseas team.The most troubling aspect of that 2010 article is when Goodell said that he thinks “the idea of a franchise here [in Europe] is realistic.”

But apparently, Goodell says the NFL has not looked into London as a potential Super Bowl site. I find that hard to believe given this article by the Atlantic Cities. Since this is not the first time Goodell has talked about the Super Bowl in the British city, I would not rule out London.

If it does come to reality that the NFL does outsource its greatest game, they could not pick a better stadium than Wembly:

Still, time will tell on this one.

  • Sunlife Stadium

Miami has hosted the most Super Bowls of all time. It has seen games such as New Orleans conquering the big game for the first time in Super Bowl XLIV. It has also seen Joe Montana deliver one of the best game-winning drives in Super Bowl Fans and players both love the scenery and the night life of Miami. It truly is a spa-vacation for fans and media members alike.

I see no problems with the Super Bowl returning to Miami. It has been the site of many good Super Bowls and the NFL may seriously consider this.

  • Mercedes Super Dome

The Super Bowl is being held this next season in this very stadium. I do not think the NFL will return to this site only three years after the city just hosted one. However, New Orleans has been arguably the most famous Super Bowl host city. It is a massive party whenever the hosts. Sometimes the game is pretty good, too.

It would not be a bad idea to return the game to a place with so much history.

Favre had a great day in Super Bowl XXXI

Time will tell what site hosts the 50th anniversary of the super Bowl. Super Bowl XL was rewarded to ford Field so the NFL may stay with the tradition of awarding super Bowls to new stadiums. In that case, the new 49ers stadium would be the best candidate.