When it was announced in 2010 that Nike was taking over as the NFL’s uniform provider, it prvoked many reactions amongst fans, players, and the media. Many people envisioned uniforms like this for the league:

I'm still unsure why grey is a part of the scheme....... http://cdn.bleacherreport.net

It was not a bad assumption to make at time because Oregon was not the only team attempting to provide wild and whacky looks with Nike threads. The University of Virginia altered their uniforms for the 2010 season:

The University of Maryland also tried to go the “Oregon Duck” way with their uniforms:

Naturally the notion of NFL teams going this route made fans either really excited or very worried. Some fans went so far as to create their own concepts. However, with last week’s unveiling, all of the worries and speculations were put to rest for now. None of the teams really changed their look aside from the Seattle Seahawks (more on that bellow).

The only real changes were to the fabric. Nike apparently has lighter fabrics that help make players faster. Whether that is scientifically true is something for Sports Science to figure out. For the layman, it made last Tuesday exceptionally boring.

But this should not have been a surprise to anyone. This is due to the fact that all changes to uniforms must be approved by the league as well as the team. In addition, a rule is currently in place that prevents a team from changing its uniform within a five-year period. Teams within that rule currently include the Lions, Bills, and Jaguars.

Casual fans have to understand, the NFL is conservative business. This means that, because they are so popular, they will not change . It is rare to see changes like when the Denver Broncos completely changed their look and logo for the 1997 season. By the way, the uniform provider back then was also Nike.

From a business standpoint, they need the logos of teams to stay consistent. In addition, having uniforms that stay consistent helps the league maintain its image. This is why changes like what the Seattle Seahawks just underwent are unlikely to happen to other teams for a while:

I wish they would ditch the neon green. http://cdn.bleacherreport.net

In my eyes, those uniforms look like they belong in Arena Football or the UFL and not the NFL. But that is a manner of opinion. Such hype over uniform changes (or lack thereof) should not exist. This is one time when I will stick with established sports cliches: what matters is the play on the field.

Speaking of which, the NFL’s schedule is rumored to be slated for release on April 17. That is one week from today. And it is really something worth getting excited over because it is one step closer to actual football being played.